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Your garden needs a few good bugs!

soldier bugBugfarm is a DVD-Rom simulation game that teaches children 7+ about gardening and the insect world. Players plant and maintain a virtual garden, choosing crops from acorn squash to zucchini. Pest insects move in as the plants grow, and soon there's a battle being waged over the vegetables. The Spined Soldier Bug is the hero, protecting the garden from the bad bugs.

In the game, you'll play two roles...

Grow your garden

Bugfarm seed packets As the farmer/gardener, you select crops for your vegetable garden and maintain your plants with water, nutrition and pest control. As the garden grows, you'll see the effects of pest damage and will have the choice to combat it with organic methods, or use pesticides as a last resort.

Protect it from enemies

A soldier bug defending the garden

Your other role is that of the Spined Soldier Bug, a beneficial insect. You'll crawl, climb and fly almost anywhere within a three-dimensional garden. Like a real bug, you'll hunt your enemies down wherever they are... and rack up points in the process!

Bugfarmâ„¢, a simulation game based on real-world science

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